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Historical Parade of Saint Rita from Cascia

The Corteo Storico di Santa Rita da Cascia pageant has the primary objective, through the various representations, of showing  the life of St. Rita and it is divided into eight panels, which come to life  in each  square allocated to the “sacred drama”. The events are: of St. Rita as a child and his parents, the wedding of Rita, the assassination of her husband Paul, widow Rita and the death of her children, Rita novice and the three patron saints, the stigmatization of Rita, the miracle of the garden and the glorious  transit. The parade is also an opportunity to recall the past of Castelvetrano, through the presence of  figures in period dress representing the local aristocracy, led by Prince Charles of Aragon and Tagliavia with his wife Princess Margaret Ventimiglia.

This historical and religious parade is held the Sunday before 22 May in Castelvetrano, Sicily, Italy, and over the years has become increasingly free from the characteristics of religious expression to develop a spectacular and historical side as well. It is held on May 26 and 27 in 2012. The event is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. The most spectacular part of the parade is undoubtedly represented by the group of flag-waving, and standard bearers who offer impeccable choreographies.


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