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Porretta Soul Festival

The Porretta Soul Festival takes place usually in the third decade of July at Rufus Thomas Park in Porretta Terme in the province of Bologna. The festival, divided into four evenings, features international stars of soul music.

Since 1988 the Porretta Soul Festival, a Tribute to Otis Redding has become the most prestigious European event entirely dedicated to rhythm & blues and soul music: and particularly to the Memphis Sound, the music school of the great Otis Redding, to whom the festival is dedicated. Over the past 20 years the biggest names in soul have come to Porretta, many of them especially for the Festival on their first trip to Europe; others, authentic legends, were discovered in unknown spots in the Deep South of U.S.A. and introduced to the international public and press who spoke of the “miracle” of Porretta as the musical event of the year.

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2012 celebrates the 25th anniversar of this musical festival. It is taken place from July 19 to 22 in Porretta Terme, Emilia Romagna, Italy, and is suitable for people 18 and over.

Porretta Terme is a popular holiday destination famous for its thermal baths and is situated on the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. The Porretta Soult Festival offers  a free entrance on the first evening of the festival while tickets for the other evenings can be bought on line at

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Tourist Information Center:
Piazza Libertà, 11 – 40046 Porretta Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 053422021
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Tournament of Niballo

The Niballo is one of the oldest and best-known medieval jousting that takes place every year on the 4th Sunday in June at the Stadium “Bruno Neri” The challenge iinvolves the knights of the 5 historic districts in Faenza: White (Borgo Durbecco), Yellow (Porta Ponte), Black (Porta Ravegnana), Red (Porta  Imola), Green (Porta Montanara.) The tournament is a horse race at gallop during which knights must hit with a spear the target  placed at the end of the two arms of a puppet called Niballo.

The first official news of the Niballo Tournament dates back to February 13, 1596. Some documents confirm that this competition was held until 1796. The first edition of the Tournament  in its modern version, was held  on Sunday, June 28, 1959, the eve of the patronal feast of St. Peter.

This historical festival is taking place every 4th Sunday of June in Faenza, Emilia Romagna, Italy and is suitable for people of all ages.


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The public has free acess to the rehearsal s of the tournament  that are held during the days before the event.  The tournament is preceded by a historical pageant in which  take part  more than 400 participants representing the five districts  of Faenza.

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Tourist Information Center:
I.A.T. Faenza – Voltone della Molinella, 2 – Faenza
Phone: +39 0546 25231