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Mercogliano Music Festival

The Mercogliano Music Festival is held along the main street of Mercogliano that comes alive with  shows and performances for all lovers of good music. On the two stages set up along the avenue perform internationally renowned artists and the music is accompanied by the excellent food and wine products of the area.

The Festival was born through a passion for music by Promoter Association and a structured project aimed to bring music  as an instrument of cultural growth of the social and economic aspect of the area.

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This musical festival is taking place from July 12 to 15 this year and is suitable for all those who are 13 and older.

The Festival also includes a competition between young and emerging italian bands. For more information, please visit

Tourist Information Center:
APT Mercogliano – Via Roma 5 – Mercogliano
Phone: +39 0825787220


Amalfi Coast Music and Arts Festival

The Amalfi Coast Music & Arts Festival is produced by the Center of Musical Studies of Washington, in conjunction with the Accademia Jacopo Napoli of Salerno, Italy, and Artis International. The festival is based in Vietri sul Mare, Italy, and features a month of concerts each summer throughout the magnificent area of the Amalfi Coast, in towns such as Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, and Paestum. Concerts take place daily and include chamber music with the Fine Arts Quartet, piano recitals, vocal performances and opera. The festival also presents a rich program in the visual arts, offering courses in painting and ceramics, in addition to intensive workshops in fiction, poetry, and memorir for writers of all levels.

The festival, founded in 1995,  is a vibrant community that brings together performing artists, visual artists, students, teachers, and music aficionados from different countries to interact and learn from each other while involved in the creative process. In this stimulating and supportive environment, participants form long-lasting friendships and professional associations. Local towns are all involved in the festivities by hosting receptions and boat rides.

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This festival is taking place in Vietri sul Mare, Campania, Italy from July 1 to July 30, 2012 and is suitable for people 18 and over. For more information, please visit

The Amalfi Coast Music & Arts Festival takes the form of two  activities: Institute (The Academy) which offers training and lessons and the Festival that  implements  events and shows (instrumental concertos; production of opera and opera scenes, exhibitions and art workshops  open to the public)

Tourist Information Center:
A.P.T. Amalfi – Via delle Repubbliche Marinare Amalfi
Phone : +39 089 871107

Giffoni Film Festival

The Giffoni International Film Festival is the largest children’s film festival in Europe, and possibly the World. It takes place in the little Italian town of Giffoni Valle Piana in Southern Italy, close to Salerno. Over 2,000 kids attend the festival from 39 countries around the world. During the festival, the kids watch the films, learn about the filmmaking process, and are called to judge the films and award the best ones with prizes. This  festival has had a great impact in the history of entertainment and culture, not only in Italy, and it has developed a high reputation internationally. Every year the festival attracts 100,000 guests, directors, producers, and movie stars.

The Giffoni Film Festival was born in 1971 from a Claudio Gubitosi idea: promoting and developing cinema for young people, elevating it from the marginal position it had back in those days, and leading it where it belongs:  a high quality genre capable of “penetrating” the market.

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This film festival is taking place from July 14 to 24, 2012 and occurs every year in Giffoni Valle Piana, Campania, Italy. It is suitable for people of all ages.

With its 38 annuals, the Giffoni Film Festival is certainly an incredible authoritative example for all the other festivals worldwide. Over the years it has also become an international agency of youth culture especially because of its decision to study, research, anticipate trends and offer valid suggestions to young people. The interest in young  international film authors, the quality  of the films presented and the ability to make so many cultures and countries come together have made Giffoni the unquestionable leader of the children and family sector.

Tourist Information Center:
A.P.T. Giffoni Valle Piana – Via Vignadonica, 19
84095 Giffoni Valle Piana
Phone : +39 0899828711

Ischia Film Festival

Ischia Film Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Europe dedicated to the creation of works of contemporary theatre and represented by dozens of young actors and companies.

The Festival of the Hills was founded in 1996 to offer actors performances during the summer using locations such as villas, castles, churches in the hills around Turin, on the right bank of the River Po. The festival’s artistic evolution has led in recent years to qualify it as a recognized European showcase of contemporary creation of a more experimental and innovative theater.

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This film festival is taken place every year in Ischia, Campania, Italy and is suitable for those who are 18 and older. The festival dates for this year is from June 30 to July 7.

To attend shows and other events of the Ischia Film Festival it is necessary to have the accreditation pass. The accreditation for the audience is a “cultural accreditation” and gives free access to all the festival shows Audience can apply for the accreditation and book it online on festival  website or  can apply for it during the festival at the INFO POINT in Piazzale Aragonese in Ischia.

For more information, please visit

Tourist Information Center:
APT Ischia – Via A. Sogliuzzo, Ischia
Phone: +39 081.5074211