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Legnano Tournament

The Palio of Legnano is an event that takes place every year on the last Sunday of May in the town of Lombardy, to commemorate the victorious Battle of Legnano, fought May 29, 1176 by the armies of the Lombard League against the Emperor of Germany, Frederick Barbarossa. The Palio is a horse race involving the 8 districts of Legnano.

The oldest commemorations of the Battle of Legnano date back to 1393, although the Palio, in its current form, began to be played since 1935.

This historical event happens every year on the same weekend in Legnano, Lombardia, Italy, and is suitable for all ages. It is taken place on May 27, 2012. For more information, please visit

Before the Palio  a parade is held through the streets with about 1,000 participants in medieval costumes, whose clothing, shields, etc.. closely reflect those of the twelfth century. Tickets for the events are sold on site at the Legnano districts offices.

Tourist Information Center:
IAT Legnano – Piazza San Magno 9 Legnano
Phone:+39 0331925511